Deciding Between Standard Aircon Servicing & Aircon Overhaul

A long time ago, it was considered a sin to nature if one had an air conditioning unit particularly because it consumed too much electric supply which can cause the abrupt climate change, but over time, it had been accepted especially nowadays that heat is becoming unbearable and considered a threat to human survival. Over time, manufacturers were able to create air conditioner as energy efficient to minimize the effect on our environment. And yes, it is true that air conditioner had become more important in our daily lives but we must take assurance that it is always in best working condition.

Talking about air conditioner condition, it is best that we thought about air conditioner overhaul and the standard aircon service to keep it always in good condition. However, there are homeowners that do not really know the difference between the two. In order to take care of the air conditioner and lessen the consumption of electric energy, we will present here the difference between the standard aircon servicing and the air conditioning overhaul.

The Difference between the Aircon Standard Servicing and Aircon Overhaul

Let us begin with one of the aircon standard servicing such as aircon wash. This pertains to cleaning the inside and out components of the air conditioning unit by the aircon specialist. Most probably this includes dismantling of components such as fan, filters, drain pan and etc. to properly clean and remove the build up dirt inside. This service is needed with your air conditioning for every six months or less to ensure it works properly and well. So, in other words, the standard air conditioning services are done for preventive measures and to extend the life of our device. Next, we have the aircon overhaul and compared to standard servicing this is for the repair of the damaged parts and bringing it back to its working condition. If one brings their air conditioning to the professional service had already a problem like leaks, then possibly it requires an intensive overhaul of the system. In an aircon overhaul, the professional aircon experts will replace the damaged or defective parts with the new to make it work again. When the air conditioner fan is not working, filters are damaged and water leaks from overflowed drain pipes, the air conditioning experts will likely to disassemble the parts just like in standard services but the work that the air conditioning expert on the air conditioner will exceed to just simple clean up to bring it back to its former working state. And once done, it will restore the air conditioning system like new and the air would be cooler and fresher.

Conclusion And Decision

After having shown the difference of the air conditioning overhaul from the standard air conditioning services, our company hope that you are able now to think which one is suitable for your air conditioning system. So, next time you need a professional help, you will no longer get confused about what you need; overhaul or aircon servicing. Knowing the difference between the two is the key to prevent misunderstanding and to get satisfaction of the services.



4 Practical Reasons to Own a Centralized Air Conditioner

There are many cooling systems available in the market these days. You can get yourself a portable air cooler, but it has the limited cooling capacity. You can buy a window-type air conditioner, but it only keeps one room comfortably cold. If you want to get a cooling system that provides equal comfort to you and your family but lessens monthly bills then, chooses a centralized air conditioner. Read more to find out the practical reasons to own one.

Distributes temperature around the house

The biggest advantage of a centralized air conditioner is having a cool environment in your entire house. Fournier says that it is highly recommended especially for areas with hot summers. A centralized air conditioner provides the temperature at a consistent level the whole year. Ask an expert to estimate which type of air conditioner fits your home or space. Install a centralized one at a corner recommended by the expert.

Provides a good air filtration

Filtration is critical in an air conditioner because it cleans the air that enters your room. Garskof suggests installing a high-performance filter with your unit. Filtration protects you from harmful particles coming from the air as well as keeps your unit clean. Imagine your entire house providing the cleanest air you and your family can breathe. For better and lasting performance, experts highly encouraged to maintain the filter system of your unit dust-free most of the time.

Saves energy and reduces your expenses

Many air conditioning units available nowadays consume less energy than the old ones. This means lower electricity bills. According to, centralized air conditioners have Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio(SEER) ratings. The higher the rating, the more it saves energy. Garskof says that there are centralized air conditioners with 14 – 24 SEER. Research more on SEER to better understand air conditioner energy consumption and to know which cooling systems are cost-effective. Purchase a centralized unit that will help you lessen your expenses in the years to come.

Operates quietly

Compared to the old air conditioners, the new centralized units run without a sound. An old window-type air conditioner makes noise especially when it adjusts the temperature. However, Alvarez says that the newer counterparts are designed to be less noisy because they operate with variable speed fans. Alvarez explains that these fans run at lower speeds, providing quiet functioning of the unit. Get a centralized air conditioner to enjoy a peaceful sleep or quiet days.

Before deciding on an air conditioner, it is important to know which size fits your home. Always have an air con service or technician to install it for you. The right size and installation will save you from future problems with it.Some of the advantages of a centralized air conditioner are an equal distribution of temperature, a better filtration system, quiet operation and saves your monthly budget. Own a centralized air conditioner after doing more research. Choose one that will satisfy your cooling needs as well as help you save in several ways.