3 Effective Tips That You Should Do For Your Air Conditioning Unit to Save Energy

Do you own an air conditioning unit at home? And you also want to know the effective tips that you can do for your air conditioning unit to save energy? If you said yes to the both questions, then you should read the list below that shows what these effective energy – saving tips that you can do for your air conditioning unit.

Here is the list of  DIY ways to clean aircon you must do for your air conditioning unit to save up energy.

  1. Set the Temperature into Lower Degree Every Night

One best thing that you can do to your air conditioning unit so that it would save up energy is to set its temperature into a lower degree every night. This is really effective yet, easy thing to do because it is very obvious that you do not need the similar degree of coolness that you have during the day when you are sleeping during the night since that it is much cooler in this time. By doing this, you can be assured that it is the smartest way that you can do to save energy even though you have an air conditioning unit at home.

  1. Service Your Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

Another one is that you should service your air conditioning unit regularly to a professional and qualified air conditioner technician. This is a very important thing to do not only for your air conditioning unit to save up energy but as well as to maintain its good condition. It is because by servicing the air conditioning unit regularly, the dirt and dust inside it which obstruct the cool air are removed making the air conditioner produce cooler air without setting it to a higher degree. Aside from that, it can also detect any problems in it which if not given attention would lead to more serious problems. With this, it only goes to show that the air conditioning units would really benefit from this tip.

  1. Consider Setting It to 78 Degrees

And last effective tip in the list is to consider setting it into 78 degrees. Some air conditioner technicians and experts suggest that it is better and very advisable to set the temperature of your air conditioning unit into 78 degrees because it is known to be as the ideal performance level of all the air conditioning units. In addition to that, setting it into this level would not make your air conditioning unit work and function harder which can be the main reason to lose its good condition.

As what stated above, you now have an idea on what are the effective tips that you should do for your air conditioning unit to save up energy. By doing all of these, you can be assured that you can prevent yourself from having high energy bills even if you have an air conditioning unit at home. And if you want to know more about this, you can ask the help of an air conditioner expert. Follow us more tips about keeping your aircon units well maintained.

Deciding Between Standard Aircon Servicing & Aircon Overhaul

A long time ago, it was considered a sin to nature if one had an air conditioning unit particularly because it consumed too much electric supply which can cause the abrupt climate change, but over time, it had been accepted especially nowadays that heat is becoming unbearable and considered a threat to human survival. Over time, manufacturers were able to create air conditioner as energy efficient to minimize the effect on our environment. And yes, it is true that air conditioner had become more important in our daily lives but we must take assurance that it is always in best working condition.

Talking about air conditioner condition, it is best that we thought about air conditioner overhaul and the standard aircon service to keep it always in good condition. However, there are homeowners that do not really know the difference between the two. In order to take care of the air conditioner and lessen the consumption of electric energy, we will present here the difference between the standard aircon servicing and the air conditioning overhaul.

The Difference between the Aircon Standard Servicing and Aircon Overhaul

Let us begin with one of the aircon standard servicing such as aircon wash. This pertains to cleaning the inside and out components of the air conditioning unit by the aircon specialist. Most probably this includes dismantling of components such as fan, filters, drain pan and etc. to properly clean and remove the build up dirt inside. This service is needed with your air conditioning for every six months or less to ensure it works properly and well. So, in other words, the standard air conditioning services are done for preventive measures and to extend the life of our device. Next, we have the aircon overhaul and compared to standard servicing this is for the repair of the damaged parts and bringing it back to its working condition. If one brings their air conditioning to the professional service had already a problem like leaks, then possibly it requires an intensive overhaul of the system. In an aircon overhaul, the professional aircon experts will replace the damaged or defective parts with the new to make it work again. When the air conditioner fan is not working, filters are damaged and water leaks from overflowed drain pipes, the air conditioning experts will likely to disassemble the parts just like in standard services but the work that the air conditioning expert on the air conditioner will exceed to just simple clean up to bring it back to its former working state. And once done, it will restore the air conditioning system like new and the air would be cooler and fresher.

Conclusion And Decision

After having shown the difference of the air conditioning overhaul from the standard air conditioning services, our company hope that you are able now to think which one is suitable for your air conditioning system. So, next time you need a professional help, you will no longer get confused about what you need; overhaul or aircon servicing. Knowing the difference between the two is the key to prevent misunderstanding and to get satisfaction of the services.